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Do you want to enjoy Pilates from wherever you are and in your own time? No schedule, no preparations, no stress. Why not try out my seven minutes Everyday Pilates program.

Today is the day! Get your mat, take a deep breath and let´s get started with Pilates.

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Principle 1 - Breathing

Learn the six principles of Pilates in a few minutes. Let´s start with the first principle - breathing.

Principle 2 - Centering

Before you start any Pilates exercise you need to know about the second principle - centering.

Principle 3 - Precision

It’s important to know exactly where an exercise starts & finishes, the third principle – precision.

Principle 4 - Stability

Stability is a key element in Pilates. Let me show you an exercise for the fourth principle – stability.

Principle 5 - Control

A balanced body needs control. Let’s do an exercise to figure out the fifth principle – control.

Principle 6 - Flow

Follow along in a short chain of exercises to practice the sixth principle – flow.