Joëlle Kane Arnott

pilates instructor
Paris to French Riviera

I qualified as a Pilates instructor in Paris through Peak Performance Pilates in 2003 and went on to teach at the Cannes Pilates Studio in 2005 before striking out on my own, working privately in people's homes. Drawing on my bilingual background (English-French), I spent six years in Paris before settling with my husband and children on the French Riviera, nestled between the mountains and the sea.

Tailor made sessions

I currently have a wide range of clients, each with their own particular needs and goals. Working alongside physiotherapists, I am able to respond better to each individual's requirements and welcome everyone openly to my sessions. I teach private mat and apparatus classes in people’s homes and group mat classes at various venues. My approach integrates a variety of Pilates methods, yoga and personal training and I use basic Pilates equipment including magic circles, rollers and balls of various sizes along with light weights.

Pilates for balance and strength

Fitness and dance have always taken a front seat in my life. I have explored all kinds of dance, from classical to African and endurance sports from long distance mountain running to triathlons, all encouraging me to channel my surplus energy and sharpen my mind. It is not surprising I ended up working with the body and continually learning about it for the last twenty years.

The athletic pursuits made me realize how much I needed a strong, well balanced, centered body. Before Pilates came into my life, I ended up working a desk job and I knew sitting in front of a computer was not for me. I needed to be out with people, spreading my enthusiasm for movement. Pilates sounded like a perfect way to center body and mind by practicing precise movements and building overall strength.

The Pilates training program helped me feel lighter on my dancing feet as well as in everyday life. My core and back had never felt so toned and all aspects of my life started to become stronger. Applying the Pilates method to everything I did, whether dancing across parquet floors, swimming across lakes or running up mountains, I had found a new and highly effective way to maintain balance and strength.

My goals

Luckily, exercise has become an integral part of my working life and I feel privileged to be able to spread my motivation as a Pilates teacher. My goal is to have each person leave the session feeling lighter, stronger and happier, as I do.

“My goal is to have each person leave a session feeling lighter, stronger and happier.”

Joëlle Kane Arnott